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Foot comfort and arch support are essential contributors to a person's overall health and well-being—especially for those who spend hours every day on their feet. SOLO Laboratories, Inc. is proud to partner with employers to offer their employees on-site professional foot scanning sessions for SOLO GO custom insoles.

Custom foot scanning at your place of business

Our team will travel to your place of business and scan each individual's feet in order to create a pair of one-of-a-kind custom insoles. Available to employees of all ages without a prescription, SOLO GO custom insoles can help relieve debilitating foot fatigue and discomfort and empower the wearer to live a more healthy, active life—on the clock and off.

Effective comfort, support, and relief for tired feet

SOLO GO custom insoles are individually crafted to fit a person's unique foot shape. Designed by SOLO Laboratories, Inc., SOLO GO custom insoles reflect more than 35 years of dedicated industry experience and millions of orthotics manufactured for doctors and their patients across the country.

Only $195 per pair
Corporate discounts may be available to your business. Call for details.

Benefits of custom insoles


Studies have shown a direct correlation between employees' physical and mental health and their overall job performance and productivity.

Quality of life

Employees can wear their SOLO GO custom insoles in the workplace, at home, and on the go. This promotes more physical activity and an improved quality of life.

Help your employees relieve foot fatigue in three simple steps:


Complete the contact form below or call 877-561-SOGO (7646) to schedule a custom foot scanning session at your workplace.


We scan each employee's unique foot shape while they pick their preferred insole style, color, and cover.


We manufacture professional-grade custom insoles and deliver them directly to your employees' homes!

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